2016 & 2017 Scholarship Recipient Kelsey Lyn Releases New Music Video

Kelsey Lyn Fowler has participated at the Crown two years in a row as a scholarship recipient. Collaborating with fellow artists, she developed another perspective in songwriting, how to make a song meaningful and powerful by using all of the senses and how to challenge herself out of her comfort zone.  "Writing this song 'Mountain Tops' was a challenge and I am proud to say that the tools I have learned from the Crown the last two years helped me in completing it!"- Kelsey Lyn 

She was approached last year by David Kind with the idea of writing a song for Polson and surrounding areas. With his experience in creating music videos for Polson, he wanted to expand with a local musician and original song. "It was really fun to relive those memories. I put a lot of my heart into writing this song." -Kelsey Lyn