A built-in vacation

The Crown is proud to partner with the outstanding hotel and dude ranch at Flathead Lake Lodge. All of the workshops and festival events take place here, and while it's not mandatory we highly recommend that you stay at the Lodge during the workshop so that you can participate in the full on-site experience. You'll not only have the musical experience of a lifetime, but with access to sailing, swimming, horseback riding, kayaking and fishing you'll be rewarded with a truly Montanan vacation retreat. Not to mention the top quality food and accommodations. The Flathead Lake Lodge is a 4 star guest ranch that is consistently rated among the top 3 guest ranches in the West.

By staying at the Flathead Lake Lodge, all your meals and facility use will be part of your Lodge rate. If you decide to stay offsite, you will be charged a $650 Crown Facility Fee when you register to cover access to the Flathead Lake Lodge “music campus”, all meals and snacks, and access to all Crown events. This fee is the same for Offsite Participants and Offsite Participant Companions.

Should you choose to stay off-site at another location, please note that only guests staying at the lodge have access to lodge-provided recreational activities.

Reduced accommodation rates at the Flathead Lake Lodge are available for children, depending on age.

Please contact the lodge for lodging details at flatheadlakelodge.com.



For those participants who wish to bring a spouse, family member or other companion that is not participating in the workshop, we offer a Companion Registration option. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring a loved one with you to enjoy all the amenities that the area has to offer.

For those staying at Flathead Lake Lodge, the Companion Registration fee is waived. This will include tickets to all festival performances with special seating and participation in special workshop social events. If your companion is staying off site, there is a $650 Crown Facility fee for all festival performances with special seating, participation in special workshop social events, all meals and snacks, and access to the Flathead Lake Lodge. This fee does not include Lodge recreational activities (horseback riding, boating), which can be booked at a separate cost with the Lodge.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate unaccompanied minors in our workshop.