That’s a Wrap


Today we’re wrapping up the last day of our Crown Guitar Workshop and Festival. It’s a final chance for musicians to soak up the workshops, classes, and events at their fingertips. Crown week is an experience of a lifetime. A week long intensive aimed at growing as artists and musicians. It has been an incredible seven days here in Bigfork, MT. 

It was an impactful process, as musicians from all over the world were able to write, perform, collaborate, and master their crafts. We’re sad to see it end, in the course of the week participants joined an indescribable community. One of mutual partnership, growth, music, art and entertainment. It quickly develops into a family environment. Musicians can be found bonding all day long, whether it’s through the courses or over the extracurricular activities students participate in. Looking out over the lake today, participants could be seen swimming off the wooden dock, paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing between classes. In addition to this they can enjoy the pool area, horseback riding and taking daily trips to Glacier National Park.

Nicky Vassallo, 24, a Fellowship Award participant from Seattle, Washington describes his experience with the Crown, “I’ll definitely miss the people, and the sense of camaraderie. Just being with people who are very pure about their interest in music.” Nicky’s performance last night on the electric guitar, received endless praise from the crowd. At tonight’s festival his brown curly hair hangs down against his shoulders, as he makes his rounds around the festival. “I’ll miss being around so much amazing music. Live music is where it’s at,” he says breaking into a grin. “Now when I put on headphones I’m like this isn’t music, this a representation of music and that’s the best that we have,” he laughs. “But it’s not the same as being in the room with people and seeing how everybody is interactive off the energy of a particular moment. That really gets into your skin.” He gives off a bashful vibe, so much so that you wouldn’t know he won a guitar competition, the Guitar Slinger Competition in Seattle, WA, against 800 other applicants.

Crown Guitar Workshop and Festival inspires artists, by providing a concentrated environment for them to flourish in. Usually sparking momentum for the process to continue. As Vassallo stares around the festival, the white tent booming live music on his last night in Montana, he says “I want to get myself into more situations where I’m learning from and talking to seasoned, experienced musicians. Music helps me connect with people. It feels good to see that the work I’ve been doing so far is being received well. I just want to explode into a new territory.” He smiles and lets out a laugh again. 

The big grassy fields of Flathead Lake Lodge are busy with tents, food trucks, raffles, and entertainment tonight. Locals from all over have come down for our final concert festivities. Crowds are gathered around, laughing with snow cones, BBQ and music. It’s the end of one Crown year and onto our preparations for the next.