Late Night Impromptu Jam Sessions? Yes please!

AUGUST 31, 2017

Crown Guitar Festival continued on into the wee hours of the morning, again. Participants attend workshops, classes, and private events by day, but as soon as 7pm rolls around it’s all festival here at Flathead Lake Lodge. When the Festival wraps up at 10pm, locals head home and participants head to the Main Lodge for drinks and jams.

One of our favorite parts about Crown is the endless impromptu jam sessions. After the people of Bigfork, MT are fast asleep Flathead Lake Lodge comes to life with the sounds of world renowned musicians pouring through the windows and out over the lake. Everyone from participants and Master Mentors, to Artists in Residence and the Festival sound crew gather around the full equipment set up to enjoy a collaborative, no-pressure environment. 

The room is filled with laughter, music and the joy of working with peers. Nothing else in the music world matches the unadulterated creativity that pours from their hands and voices. It’s a rare opportunity to have access to this every single night.

Emily Elbert, an Artist in Residence this year at Crown, earned a standing ovation from the crowd after her performance at the Festival last night. She came back to the lodge for the jam, relaxed with her friends and got back up in front of the mic. The participants look forward to the jams each night, eager to mesh and embrace everybody’s unique style. Elbert says, “Everyone from different parts of the festival are collaborating and having fun and letting their hair down and supporting each other. You don’t have to be concerned with a large audience or the pressure of a big show.”

For Elbert, a musician who travels the world performing, there are certain characteristics that set Crown apart from all the other workshops and festivals she attends, “The community. It’s the sense of family and being in a beautiful natural setting while immersed in guitar with such a loving, supportive family environment.” 

The late night jams were our best kept secret until now. To join in on the incredible moments that take place after hours join us for next year’s Crown Guitar Workshop and Festival!