Singer Songwriter Workshop

AUGUST 30, 2017

Ever wonder what goes on up at the Crown Guitar Workshop and Festival in Bigfork, MT? Well here’s your chance to find out. This week we’ll be giving our readers a sneak peek into some of our famous, life changing musical workshops led by award winning artists. Musicians from all over the world come to Crown to experience the amazing atmosphere and learning environment. 

Each morning after breakfast, residents wake up and head off to their designated workshops. Crown offers everything from Singer/Songwriter to Rock, Blues & Bop to Classical workshops. Participants spend the next three hours mesmerized in an non-competitive, intensive workshop. The Singer/Songwriter class takes the approach of allowing each artist to explore their musical path, or express the hurdles that might be blocking their artistry. It’s a safe, open environment where the artists quickly learn to trust each other and let their guards down.

At 9am the Singer/Songwriter students gather in their Workshop room, which is held inside a log cabin overlooking the water. More floor to ceiling windows wrap around the room, rushing inspiration in from the glistening lake. They begin by singing as a group and move on to different exercises and lessons.

“You know that saying ‘If I had more time I’d write a shorter letter’?” Laura Jean Anderson’s dark hair silhouettes against the ceiling-length windows behind her, “I’d like to horn in on the truth [of my writing]” She’s answering instructor, and Knoxville musician, Greg Horne‘s question: “What would you like to take away from this workshop?”

Anderson, a Los Angeles based performer, is taking part in the singer/songwriter workshop. One hour and forty-five minutes into the workshop each of the 13 musicians present has played an original song, filling the room with passion, emotion and support. When each one is finished, the entire group applauds and compliments the unique artistry of each individual. It’s an environment every artist thrives in and searches for in everyday life.

One woman sang a song about a recent loss, her voice cracking with emotion as tears brimmed her eyelids. Another sang about a past breakup, crediting the separation as the reason she got into songwriting. Then there’s silence as each musician sweeps their pencil across their notebook in avid lyric writing. The creativity gates have been opened and it swirls around the room, pouring over each and everyone of them.

The class meets back after lunch, breaking into smaller groups within their workshop. From here they begin a group song writing process. Gathered into groups of three, some can be seen strumming and singing along together while others take turns writing song titles, working their way backwards. There is laughter escaping from certain groups. While other artists are brave enough to open themselves to each other, becoming completely vulnerable and inspiring creativity. The wheels are spinning as each artist enters their zone. 

The Singer/Songwriter Workshop is just one of many that Crown has to offer. For more information on the different workshop classes that Crown has to offer visit our website. And check back daily for more behind the scene peeks of the 8th annual Crown Guitar Workshop and Festival!